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The Rabbit's Scroll

2019-2020 | Sophomore 

2D Platformer | Custom C++ Engine

In it I developed:

  • The Rendering System

    • Made a interface for game objects to be able to render a basic shading program. ​

    • Assisted in adding noise to the wave of ink by making it not calculate noise in real time.

  • Instanced Particle System

    • Used opengl to map ​particles to a CPU buffer and would render all particles at once. 

    • Could support up to 100,000 particles on a non-gaming laptop.

  • Editor Tools

    • Accidentally figured out RTTR​ but didn't know the vocabulary to find the library so I made it myself

    • That was then used to provide an interface to what should be serialized/deserialized and what could be modified in the editor.

  • Engine​

    • Reduced Game Object size by 30%.​

    • Reduced Component size by 30%

    • ​No performance loss for either.

    • Assisted in teaching the team members to use std algorithms.

    • Got the engine to use modern (C++17) code 

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